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Lazy Days Are Over - Rock, Paper, Puppies!

Sep. 1st, 2007 03:51 pm Lazy Days Are Over

Summer is over. And it's back to work for me. I took the summer off to rehabilitate my hand and spend time with my nephews, niece, princepup and the family.

I gave myself the freedom to take a break. It was fun (not the handercizes though). Had some new ideas and penned a few poems - but nothing major. I wish I could say the hand was back to normal. But it isn't and this may very well be as good as it gets. *phyllis-sadface*

So, I'm back on LJ for reals now. *pinkieswear* With the extra day off this weekend, it is the perfect time to get back on the horse (so to speak - last time I was on a real horse, I broke my arm). I have three projects I need to polish before submitting.

I've had to revise how I work because of the hand issue. But through my day job, I've had to find what works (even if it takes a lot longer). The revising won't be as writing-intensive, so it seems a good place to start.

Wish me luck!

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